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Thanks so much Emmalene. What really surprised me was discovering how many different options and trip types there were that are classed as packages!

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I looked into the logistics of doing a similar trip camping and road-tripping in the USA on your own and it probably works out cheaper as well as easier to do a TrekAmerica tour! Interesting read! Thank you! Thanks Chloe!

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  • It was actually a really interesting post to research. Some were just NOT what I was thinking a package holiday was! I typically book some trips that I plan out myself and some that I do a group tour, and you are right it is so much easier to give up the role of planning sometimes! I have also found that it can work out to be much cheaper too. Thanks so much for commenting Summer!

    Sometimes as a package, sometimes not! I still LOVE planning my own trips but every now and then I find it easier to let someone else book it all :. Which is nonsense!! Especially if you find the right company to book with.

    6 Advantages of Vacation Packages & Travel Tours « ATAS

    This definitely a fresh insight on Package Holidays and Tours. Honestly, I find it more expensive or I believe so. Happy to know that they do work out cheaper. Will start keeping an eye too on travel deals. But definitely not always! Sometimes it pays to compare. I must say, the ease of not having to worry about planning my every move is such a treat! I consider myself a pro-planner and I LOVE planning itineraries whenever I travel, but just knowing that everything will be taken care of for me was a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders!

    Especially when there are sales on them!

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    Where are you off to on your first tour? Like you mentioned above, they offer epic road trip, trek to lost city, desert island survival tour, and things like that. They read the market trend really well. When traveling to a new place that is totally different from where we live, I think package holiday is the best way to go.

    Exactly — companies have listened to what consumers want and supplied those things. There are SO many different options and so many great operators to choose from now, I was really astonished! Let an expert organise it! Surely, the industry has changed and package holidays are different from what they were years ago. And if not they might have optional add-ons and upgrades etc. Before ever going to doing everything by myself, I did a quite a few package holidays. There are definitely many advantages on them especially when traveling with kids.

    With the right fit, I would be ready to do it again too. You can still adventure and see places by yourself after getting to the destination. Exactly — and at least you have all the security of having booked everything through a reputable company! I know that when I have kids I will probably book all my trips as packages. I struggle to stay organised right now as it is, let alone whilst raising kids! Thank you for writing this.

    So many of us have the wrong idea about package vacations. I just went to China on one and it saved me so much time and money! I think the trick is to find one that suits your mode of travel. Likewise, you can pay for optional extras upfront to avoid costly international transactions on your credit card. Or, you can choose to opt in along the way, if you feel like it. That way, you can gauge your level of energy at the time, or what everyone else is leaning towards, and select inclusions that the friends you make are undertaking.

    The itineraries have been researched to give you the fastest routes and optimal free time, so you avoid any wasted time. And you have the encouragement of fellow tour participants, to overcome any obstacles like fears of heights or long treks, which ensures you get the most out of every opportunity offered - as no one is left behind, in most instances.

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    Aside from the pros outweighing the cons as outlined, there is also the potential to gain more enjoyment than with travelling by yourselves, through the growing bond that can be formed with your tour group. Whether you like it or not, travelling in close proximity to others creates a great opportunity to make lifelong friends, and can really enhance the usual travel experience.

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    Particularly for solo, younger and older travellers, a tour group can really become like a second family, especially for those longer tours. You can make international friends, whilst gaining an appreciation of other cultures, with a pre-existing support network. This can help make things even more cost-effective. Glamping in style! Think uber-luxe 'tents' bedecked with luxurious creature comforts aplenty in stun Here's what you need If you're in Miami and your bags are in Munich, our expert travel advisors know what to do to expedi Suite Shop T35A.

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    The Business Benefits of A Package Deal

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