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The paper bags are smaller in comparison to those at Save Mart and Nugget and minus the handles. It used to be the case that if you brought your own bags to the checkout reused paper bags or canvas-type bags , they credited your bill at a rate of 3 cents per bag.

You got the same discount if you use their bags or those from a competing store. Safeway has a mediocre selection of decent beers , wines , and liquors. Their IPA selection is particularly lacking; most of the time they only have two or three varieties.

If they run out of stock on the shelves, you can have a look in the walk-in behind the beer fridge for more. You can find plenty of cheap beer. Sometimes you'll find their shopping carts have wandered away from the store and need help getting back. Safeway's Weekly Ads are posted online.

There are also online printable coupons. Here are sales and coupon match-up specific to the Davis Safeway from Bounty and Savings.

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Customer card from circa At the end of October , Safeway implemented a new web-based coupon system. As an introductory offer, when you first signed up online, you got a coupon for a free dozen eggs. With the new system, they have a fairly large selection of coupons, apparently updated weekly, which you can click on to add to your Club Card to be applied automatically while shopping.

They also have "personalized prices" for things you buy frequently with your club card. However, this program is as complicated as it is frustrating. Customers do not want to go to the Safeway website every single week and click on coupons just to get sale prices. If you forget to click on the coupons, you don't get the discounted price. Safeway is just making people go through hoops just to get sale prices and customers end up getting charged more because the system is so complicated to use.

Other supermarket chains don't use club cards and give the sales prices to everyone. Lamar frequently wrote about his Safeway job in his column. The characterizations were greatly humorous and self-deprecating. He spoke of strange encounters in the condom aisle, embarrassing situations in regard to the restrooms, and customers' odd purchases, for example, or oftentimes his eccentric boss.

More than one wiki editor believes that Safeway isn't Safeway without Lamar. Famed Safeway employee and town celebrity, Lamar Heystek. The North Davis Safeway was originally built as two stores to circumvent a Davis ordinance that limited the square footage of grocery stores.

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The south side was smaller and housed the deli and liquor departments. Eventually the ordinance was lifted and the two stores combined; that's why the doors on the south side are a bit further out, and there is a set of doors permanently closed in the floral department. Things were going very badly financially for Safeway over the past several years. In February of , Safeway announced that it was actively looking to be sold to another company.

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Credit Suisse speculated that an outright sale to Cerberus or Kroger would be in the best interests of shareholders. Cerberus is the owner of Albertsons. It was , when Albertsons was the company that was failing and ended up being bought by the acquisition hungry private equity firm Cerberus. Like a vulture it swooped in and bought what was left of Albertsons and proceeded to close stores and run their Albertsons stores into the ground. However, under the control of Cerberus, the new Albertsons chain slowly went back to its old ways and became more and more aggressive. Albertsons is on a vengeful conquest to become the largest supermarket chain in the nation and control the supermarket business across the entire country.

The locally owned Safeway chain will cease to exist, and power would move to the corporate office of Albertsons in Idaho. The owner of Albertsons announced on March 6, that it was taking over Safeway, although Albertson's CEO presently states they will keep "existing retail footprint of both companies intact" source. With one powerful swoop, Albertsons will dominate the supermarket business practically from coast to coast creating an evil empire of high priced supermarkets.

Of course, that empire is only a tiny sliver of the megalithic Cerberus Capital Management that is the owner. When Albertsons bought Lucky in , Albertsons also said they would keep the Lucky brand. They changed their mind and rebranded all Lucky stores as Albertsons one year later in including the Davis Lucky store. The CEO of Albertsons back then was no stranger to making promises he could not keep.

Lucky was the low price leader and Albertsons promised increased savings to customers and lower prices once the takeover was complete. The opposite happened.

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When Lucky became Albertsons, prices went through the roof and many loyal Lucky customers switched to Safeway which was less expensive than Albertsons. If you believe that the merger of Albertsons and Safeway will bring lower prices, you have not been paying attention to the history of the lies of Albertsons. Albertsons killed the Lucky brand and brought high prices. Now Albertsons has taken over Safeway.

History is repeating itself, and the public is being taken for a ride again.

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In December , Albertsons announced that Safeway, Vons, and Albertsons stores will be have to be sold to other supermarket chains so that the Federal Trade Commission will allow the merger. The vast majority of store conversions will be in Southern California with many Vons and Albertsons stores being sold and converted to Haggen markets. In May of , Albertsons announced a massive wave of closures. Underperforming stores across the country will be closed. These stores operated for decades as Safeway stores and are now being shut down by Albertsons.

Albertsons has had a history of closing down stores and selling off the real estate. Albertson is owned by Cerberus and Cerberus is a ruthless company bent on making money off of selling real estate. The merger of Albertsons and Safeway was officially completed in early Albertsons is now the new owner and Safeway is merely a nameplate on various supermarket buildings owned by this corporation.

Albertsons was once eradicated from Northern California, but now it has returned as an even bigger company that spans from coast to coast with an appetite for more hostile takeovers. Comments: You must be logged in to comment on this page. Please log in. It's less than that. See Delivery for more info.

She still avoids shopping there, even though we live right across the street from there. Maybe cause I see them so often, but even at 2 or 4 or 6 in the morning they are pretty chill.

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But South Davis is newer and nicer, agreed. The lines are always incredibly long as every undergrad in town is stocking up on Doritos and booze. This particular chain stopped carrying a rare item that I couldn't find anywhere else, and the baggers were always a bit ditzy. Going in after 11 at night always ensured us a thorough display of the stock clerks clowning around loudly to the local rap and hiphop station, usually attempting to catch some poor female's eye.

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At least the store was orderly. The South Davis location is convenient, fairly priced, and has a reasonable selection. That matters more than whether or not the employees have a good bedside manner during the 60 seconds you actually converse with them. If they're not being treated fairly by the management, why should I support the store? If you truly didn't want to shop where employees aren't treated fairly, you wouldn't shop at any retail location anywhere.

Or OfficeMax to sell thousands upon thousands daily while paying their employees as little as minimum wage in some markets? Retail is not fair, that's a fact. Safeway employees bring in a fortune compared to most retail stores because of the union. I'm not judging other people for where they choose to shop, but I certainly have a choice where I spend my money.

Happy shopping! If they are going to move the food, they could at least fix the signs so they reflect was is actually in that isle!